Visiting a tourist destination with exotic characteristics can be uncomfortable, because of our city habits you can lose that feeling of natural beings that need the environment, and that is why today we want to invite you to go through some places where nature teaches it Important it is in your life. There are people who love to feel the scent of a living soil, the challenges that the environment proposes should be accepted and spending a vacation in these places can result in the best vacations of your life.

1. Church of the Paricutin in Michoacan, Exotic Destinations in Mexico

When the lava of the youngest volcano in the world buried all the people of Paricutín, only this church was able to stand, the constant activity of nine years provoked the formation of this beautiful landscape that serves as a place of pilgrimage and self-improvement.

2. Calakmul Restaurant Campeche, Best Natural Attractions in Mexico

A deafening sound covers the evenings in Calakmul, more than two million bats come out to meet the sunset, there are people who have been greatly impacted by this wind and noise spectacle so it is highly recommended for everyone.

3. The Valley of the Monks in Chihuahua

Located in the sierra Tarahumara, it is an enigmatic landscape formed by uniform silhouettes, the winds and the humidity gave rise to this paradise that can be photographed from any Angle. The wind is the best companion in case you decide to visit it with your friends

4. Bridge of God in San Luis Potosi

A well of turquoise waters that goes beyond the imaginable, at first glance it seems a cenote but it is not it is a pond of more than 20 meters of depth that astonishes until the most professional of nailing.

5. White Sands Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram

It is almost impossible to observe a blue sky and snow on the earth’s surface, and it is true that immense amounts of salt and other natural components give a similarity to snow on the slopes, this may be one of the most exotic places in the Mexican republic, none Photography goes unnoticed.

6. Valley of Mitla, Oaxaca

Known as the Zapotec ceremonial center, now a vestige of urban design, with smooth stone walls and immense cobbled roads under the shade of a thick arborization this may be the destination that any adventure-thirsty tourist can search throughout Oaxaca.

7. Montebello Lagoons in Chiapas

Contact with water always arouses new sensations must be because our organism is basically composed of water, well these lagoons are a turquoise paradise that will make you never want to return home as this may be the best home after all.